One of the most important things in content marketing is writing catchy and effective titles for the target audience. A title is referred as catchy and effective when it can attract audience attention, be optimized, and can be easily shared on social media. The content titles sell the content of the article or blog. They represent the content of the website on the search engine, social media, and emails. Therefore we can say writing a great content is one thing, and getting the content read and well ranked is another thing. In this article, we share expert tips to writing a catchy and effective titles online;

Tip #1- Keep characters below 65

The title should average 65 to 70 characters together with spacing. Keeping a short title enables the content to rank well in search results and no words are cut off. Keeping short titles also enables social media sharing especially on twitter. A research by HubSpot showed that titles with 8-12 words length got the highest Twitter shares compared to content with more than 12 words long. For instance, Twitter allows 140 characters for every posting that means long titles cannot be shared on the twitter especially when someone wants to endorse the content.

Tip #2- Optimize for search engine

The search engine uses the content title to understand the description of the content. It is important to include one word or phrase of the keywords that are being used by the audience to search. This ensures that the audience can easily find the content on the search engine. Therefore try to optimize the title but do not try so hard to write a title that sounds strange.

Tip #3 –Use numbers

Using numbers in the title draws audience attention on what to expect. It tells the audience how much to expect when clicking to open a certain content. Therefore quantifying the content in terms of numbers is a great way to draw audience’s attention based on expectations.

Tip #4- Incorporate readers’ perspective

The audience perspective in writing content titles enhances the quality of the title to attract the intended audience. The perspective outlines the passion, sweetness, and engagement of a particular audience. The title should reflect the target audience behavior on what they like to read. The title has to have catching adjectives that are strong and provoke the audience to take action.

Tip #5- Never Mislead

When writing content titles, it is fatal to mislead audience just to get them on your blog. It worth noting that people reading your content are the ones who become prospects in the business. It is important to note that you cannot force people to read your content and therefore misleading titles cannot be applicable to meeting inbound marketing objectives. The title should also not be ambiguous.


A catchy headline is extremely important to bring the reader in to view an article or advertisement. It includes words and thoughts designed to catch someone’s eye and get that person interested in reading what follows the headline..
– Benjamin Gitonga

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