The importance of digital marketing has increased over the years as a result of technological advancements and change in consumers’ behaviour. Digital marketing focuses on creating helpful information on the website that has several profound benefits to consumers. In this article, I will outline the importance of inbound marketing to businesses.

1. Digital marketing increases visibility and Brand Awareness

Digital marketing enables content optimisation that increases business website visibility on the internet. The search engine is, therefore, able to locate the business by what it deals with and new developments in products offered. Inbound marketing is therefore important to can do search engine optimisation (SEO) to be visible and establish its brand.

2. Digital marketing Educates prospects

Content created in inbound marketing informs customers on important information about the products they are about to start using. Prospects get educated on product quality, usage & maintenance, benefits, and disposal. These enable potential customers to make informed decisions on what and where to buy. Businesses use the opportunity to recommend customers’ of their products and how to get them.

3. Digital marketing generates quality traffic

Digital marketing drive prospects to organisation’s website creating leads that get converted to sales. Inbound marketing enables the search engine to recommend an organization’s website as suggestions for keywords searched. Traffic on the site from inbound marketing is quality as recommendations are made to prospects who are interested in specific information.

4. Digital marketing increases credibility and trust

Digital marketing increases an organisation trust in the industry they operate in. This increases the reliability of the business as it knowledgeable and well informed in the industry that it works in. Prospects then trust business’ products based on the knowledge and skills showcased in inbound marketing.

5. Digital marketing is immediate and long lasting

Digital marketing reaches prospects immediately it posted. Once published, it gets available for potential customers to read and engage with the information. And if your marketing strategy involves social media through quality campaigns conducted by companies like The Marketing Heaven, the information will become available to a seriously wide range of potential customers. The information on the internet does not expire and get regularly updated enabling long-lasting impact.

6. Digital marketing is cost-effective

Digital marketing is cheaper compared to outbound marketing (traditional) Marketing. The cost incurred in inbound marketing is at content creation phase. Organizations in most cases outsource content which is cost manageable. This is different from other types of marketing where subscription and airtime have to be done regularly.

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